Jesse Brook has been serious about the tuba since it was thrust upon him in high school band. Since then he has competed in various music competitions and played in a wide variety of musical ensembles in both Alberta and British Columbia.

John started making music since high school and has been playing ever since. Brass banding has taken him all over the world – London, Europe, the US and Canada. Coming to Edmonton and playing a part in the formation of the Mill Creek Colliery Band was an opportunity to continue the tradition. He moved to Edmonton from England in 1996 and, in 2002, became one of the founding members of the band. John has also sat on the board as treasurer then took a 10 year break from the group so he could support his son’s passion for bagpipes. John returned to the band in 2015 after a joint concert with his son’s bagpipe group and has happily been back with the group since.