The Mill Creek Colliery Band Society

The mandate of the MCCB Society is to promote quality traditional British-style brass band music in Edmonton and surrounding areas. The principal activity of the Society is to maintain and manage the MCCB in pursuance of the mandate.

Any person residing in Alberta, and being of the full age of 18 years, may apply for membership in the Society by sending notice in writing to the Board (c/o Secretary). There are two categories of membership in the Society, voting and non-voting. Voting membership is available only to regular performers on the playing roster of the Band, as determined by the Board. All regular performers with the Band are required to become members. Non-voting membership is available to any person that is not a performer on the regular playing roster, but who wishes to support the aims of the Society. Non-voting members shall be called “Friends of the MCCB Society”, and membership fees are $25.

The Society business is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and one Member-At-Large. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society for a term of one year.

The current members of the Board are:

  • President: Julien Simard
  • Vice president: David Langor
  • Secretary: Stephanie Mudryk
  • Treasurer: Mike Rowe
  • Member-at-large: Jesse Brook